About Us

Nav.i.so is a new company founded and operated by people with extensive experience in the fields of industry and shipping, in terms of solutions in mechanical waterproofing, industrial and maritime colors, especially chemicals and cleaners related to the abovementioned sectors.

As long as our staff has continuous training in an endless effort to meet your needs at the highest possible level.

The philosophy of the company and its people is to offer an integrated approach to each, small or large, project that will be entrusted to it, following the most modern methods and with personal supervision from the beginning of the project until its completion. Our presence in the area guarantees you the best possible solution to any problem we have been asked to solve in loving cooperation with you.

In our effort to provide you with the best possible we follow the I.S.S.A (International Ship Supplies Association) specifications.


  1. Manufacture and marketing of mechanical sealing articles.

2.Integrated solutions for the application of industrial and maritime coatings.

3. Trade and application of special chemicals, cleaners, lubricants, relating to uses in industry and shipping.

4. Applications of complex solutions concerning combinations of the above.

5. Technical solutions in the areas of attraction and transport.

6. In collaboration with our technical department of your company we can provide solutions to most of the mechanical or other issues that concern you in order to find the best technical and financial solution for your company.